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In 2003, a team of business associates decided to pull their talents together to develop a women's networking group. In their quest to move forward with the idea, a luncheon was hosted at Paradiso Restaurant in Springfield VA. Sheila Dixon and associates invited about 40 women to the luncheon who said they had an interest and were expected to show up. February 2003 at 12:30, there were 5 women in the room...2 were the hostesses. Not knowing what would happen to the idea, the 5 individuals had a terrific lunch and began to knowledge share. We introduced ourselves to each other, stated what we are looking for to grow our individual businesses and had a GREAT time. We decided that next month, each person will seek out 10 women owned business owners to attend the luncheon. March 2003, 30 ladies attended the luncheon. At the April luncheon, 32 ladies and 1 gentleman attended. The female numbers increased as word began to spread about WBIS. In 2005, we moved the WBIS luncheon to Houlihan's Restaurant in Springfield, Virginia. As the group continues to grow and attract several different types of  professionals, we  re-branded WBIS in 2008 to include business and personal development interactive workshops to successfully address the specific needs of our membership. As the business development strategies created a strong core for the group, we have developed solid community relationships as WBIS's Inner Circle and Success Partners continue to work diligently, empowering women to be their best self through WBIS.

In 2012 many opportunities have opened up for WBIS! We have endured many growth opportunities in community and have graduated to embrace Web 2.0 strategies for potential members to truly connect with our organization on and offline!   As women transition through this economy, WBIS Success Partners have built a fabulous and dynamic online social community to promote our members, continue to build relationships for our social members AND launched our Social Giving Program! 

WBIS remains active in the community. WBIS Founder, Sheila Dixon,  has shifted some gears and in her absence , members of the WBIS community have stepped up to keep the organization in tact upon her return.  That's the sign of a net that works! We are excited to forge through this year with NEW Strategic Partnership ideas, Collaborative Workshops to enhance the strengths of women looking to build upon their speaking skills and building our NetGIVING Foundation to help our members and colleagues in the community through career transitions and entrepreneurship goals. We hope you will JOIN US as a member or community partner.

Continue to help us BUILD the progressive story of WBIS and LET'S THRIVE!

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Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season!

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Thank you for being part of the WBIS 2015 community.…


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