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Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season!

Thank you for being part of the WBIS 2015 community. We are grateful to everyone who actively supports our mission, Women Building & Investing in Success.  I’m personally grateful for those of you who participated in our programs this year, helping our members continue to grow and develop their…


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4th Quarter Stretch...How are you doing WBIS?

4th Quarter Stretch…How are you doing WBIS?

Football season is here! As you may know, I am an avid Steeler Fan and Pittsburgh is my hometown! This season has been very interesting to see the team evolve as…


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Your Voice Matters, Your Action Matters...YOU are Appreciated

Happy Summer Ladies,

I hope all is well and everyone is thriving in their ventures.

I want to take a moment to update you regarding WBIS activity for the next few months. As many of you know, I intentionally fall off of the grid for the Month of July to reflect, evaluate and educate myself at different capacities. This month has been a life changing month as I rehabilitate from a June car accident, work and prepare for new life transitions for the family.  I'm very grateful to…


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Art of a N E W Start!


I’m calling it and hope you are engaged in a prosperous season for your health and business goals!  Although we have not met in person for the past two months it is my hope you are staying engaged with one another outside of our scheduled meetings.  I’m very excited for our new…


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A New Year for a NEW Season and NEW Results!

2015 is here and we send our best to you, your families and employees.  A group of visionary women launched the year with a team of phenomenal women who shared their best gifts to help others with focus, clarity and life strategies to propel them forward in their 2015 plan. We…


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Do You Hate Bookkeeping? What If I Do It For You?

I read recently, when small business owners were asked how much accounting they would do if the government did not make them file a tax return, most would say, “none.”

Are you surprised?

In fact, 46% of small business owners surveyed react in a negative fashion to the idea of bookkeeping and…


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It’s GIVING Tuesday!

I hope everyone enjoyed a Happy Thanksgiving with their friends and family! I was blessed to have my mom visit for a few weeks to help me wind down the year on the household front. It felt GREAT to take my time decorating for the Christmas holiday and taking a few extra moments of rest for myself.…


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WBIS began as an idea in 2003 to help forge professional relationships in the community for women to connect, collaborate and celebrate their best selves. During the process we have experienced the ebbs and flows of navigating the economy, culture of the area we live and continue to work diligently, bringing valuable community resources to the table for women to learn, build and grow their unique business models.  The economy has changed and so has the personal economy of some participants.…


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Networthing Tips During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a perfect time to reach out to people in your network and potential employers. Attend galas, community events and social events in the area. Do not dismiss a colleague who is not in your social economic circle or field. TRY…


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Benefits of Cloud Computing for Entrepreneurs

Are you familiar with the saying, REMAIN CALM, if plan “A” did not work the alphabet has 25 more letters to use?…


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Are we connected enough through social media?

 I say no! 

In my opinion most of us (me included) have a false sense of connection because we keep up with professional and personal contacts through Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc...  Please note that I enjoy and embrace my social media relationships.  I just think it is extremely important to see people in person as well.

The value of in person conversations far outweigh the convenience of following, text messaging, posting to a timeline etc... 

One on one or in a…


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Blogging for Business

OH YES let’s add another great tool to your communication mix!

As you are growing your personal and  business brand in a .com society, I’m sure you are aware there are new communication tools to learn and master daily.  It can be a challenging moment trying to figure out how best to stay in front of your colleagues or potential business partners and not overburden them with emails, drip messages, newsletters,…


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Why You Need a Retail Consultant

Did you feel the same sense of loss as I when you heard the news, that the famous and wildly popular line of health and beauty products, Carol’s Daughter, (Carol’s Daughters Stores L.L.C, owned by Carol’s Daughters Holdings), filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

As a retail consultant, I had to ask…


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Public Relations in a .com Society

During our August meeting,  women from WBIS(Women Building & Investing in Success) engaged with working media professionals to gain insight on how to better position themselves and company for exposure in this NEW economy. First things first…YOUR PRESS RELEASE is a GREAT EXERCISE  and not a distinguished branded fax that is sent to multiple people within the same media organization. The…


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Why Do We Supplement our Nutrition?


WHY do we supplement?  Better yet, why should we supplement? Well, I have to assume you’re here because you believe on some level that nutrition is important for the human body. In that case, the answer is very simple. The reason we should supplement our diets with vitamins and minerals is that these nutrients are no longer plentiful in our foods. Period. It need not be any more complicated than that.



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GOAL POWER: The bottom line to increase your bottom line!

What a fabulous luncheon!  Great topic along with wonderful feedback from a great group of Business Women!  Together we learned a lot!  Here's a recap if you missed it:

Branding - My overnight success:  It took me 11 years to become an overnight success.  My business model is God 1st, Family 2nd, Business 3rd.  My secret to success is Follow up, follow up, follow up.  Write Personal Notes to anyone & everyone you meet.  (This 1 action could place you ahead of 90% of those in your…


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What's Your Money Story?

Did you know you had a money story?

Years ago when I launched my company, I had such a good time talking to and coaching people in their small businesses that I barely charged for my services. Many of the people I helped were going through tough times and frankly, I loved helping them crunch numbers and find creative solutions to get back on track. It did not feel much like work and therefore, I was not comfortable charging reasonable market rates for my services.



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Happy NEW Year to you!  When you hear those words this time of year, what is your reaction? Did you feel a burst of energy ignite your veins? Did you gasp a sigh of relief?  Or did you keep it in stride and embrace the journey you have been walking in excited for the next experience to unveil itself?

The NEW Year can bring about many emotions that may…


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The Ripple Effect of Collaborative Relationships

In a world full of social/political issues and people building their success to address solutions in their special way, I'm very happy to be surrounded by women like you! During the development of WBIS, it never ceases to amaze me of the rippling effect of our meetings and topics. 

As many of you may remember, our September meeting was focused on The Affordable Care Act. I completely understood and accepted responsibility for addressing this touchy subject within the public during…


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Longest Blog's from the heart

I owe each of you an apology.  I have been remiss in posting a consistent blog on our site while asking members post.  I was hoping to build a deeper relationship with one of our members as my 'ghost' blogger but she has moved forward to bigger assignments in her life and business. I accept responsibility for my actions and as I move into the fall season, I will become more diligent in posting…


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Enjoy a Happy Holiday Season!

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Thank you for being part of the WBIS 2015 community.…


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